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1GL Transcription Guide

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  1. Download the template for the line in question from the 1GL Abstract Index.
  2. Download/print the relevant page(s) from the 1GL Abstract.
  3. Copy across the details from the Scan to the spreadsheet template (see below for more details)
  4. (optional!) Plot the positions of the BM's using www.old-maps.co.uk etc.
  5. Update the Status Notes etc. columns with your findings out in the field (and possibly the GR!)
  6. Save the Spreadsheet using the Save As option, to a location on your hard disk
  7. Attach the newly saved CSV file to an email to me
  8.     I will upload the file to the transcription index

General Information specific to 1GL

Because we don't (yet! - any volunteers?) have an index of the whole abstract * , the templates downloaded from the 1GL Abstract Index, are a bit sparser than you are used to with the 2GL transcription.
(*IE number of BMs in each line and their sequence number, and which lines have branch levels)

The downloaded template CSV's only contain an example line and 5 blank lines to be filled with the relevant data, you will need to duplicate these lines for the relevant number of marks in that line.

Because of the structure of the Abstract we have introduced TWO pair Columns, Master Pair and Pair, this is to keep the abstract structure but still allows partial lines to be transcribed easily, (the master pairs can sometimes be quite long!)

For Example: Master Pair Tavistock Liskeard [TAV-LIK] Breaks down in to
Pairs Tavistock - Callington [TAV-CAG] and Callington - Liskeard [CAG-LIK]

The Sequence Number is that quoted as in the abstract and is continuous over the Master-Pair.

For Branch Levels, add a small letter a to the end of the Pair code, the sequence should be the From Mark as specified in the abstract. Where a trig symbol appears I suggest using just a caret ^ or (t)


Columns in Yellow are the absolute minimum that should be included in your CSV. Columns in Green should be included if you having a go at plotting and confirming the status. ones in gray are not strictly required but I would be grateful if they could be included.

Column Example Meaning
Source 1GL Always 1GL, but if you putting some marks NOT in the abstract put your initials here!
Master-Pair GLU-LON This is the code to the Groupings of lines as specified in the abstract, can be automatically deduced!
Pair GLU-BRS As specified by the index, for the index for the part of the line you are doing.
For Branch Levels, add a small letter a to the end of the Pair code
Sequence 1 Verbatim from the abstract - this is the continuous sequence number across the WHOLE Master Pair. For branch levels it should be the number that the BM links from again as specified in the Abstract.
Type Bolt Verbatim from the abstract
Description Mark on front of The Fox Inn: 2.49' above surface Verbatim from the abstract. (include the height above surface abr. as "2.49as"/"2.49bgs")
For the side levels where a trig symbol appears I suggest using just a caret ^ or (t) - which can be automatically displayed
Map Cheshire 27 Verbatim from the abstract (although please expand the dittos ("))
Grid Ref SO456789 Your best estimate at the location, from Map, GPS etc (at least four figure)
Location On side of house Short Modern description of the BM's location
Distance 2345 Verbatim from the abstract
Height 34 Verbatim from the abstract. We would like to have this transcribed so that height plots can be made. Also heights are very useful to confirm you've found the right mark on the map!
Cross Ref ABC-DEC:54 If the abstract specifies that the mark is used in other lines! Include its Pair Code and Sequence number.
Type of route Road What sort of route does it follow, eg Road, Railway, Canal Footpath etc...
Status Good
Transcribed Transcribed from the Abstract *
Plot Grid Ref has been Estimated *
Good Found "on the ground"
Damaged There but not looking its best
Not Found Could Not Find - again "on the ground"
Prob Gone Probably Gone
Gone Gone, dead, buried ...
* Transcribed and Plotted are automatically deduced so there is no NEED to specify these
Notes easy to find any useful information about the location -esp for people looking for the same mark again
Link www.mysite.com/image.jpg URL to a webpage with more information/mark of the mark (FB/FBM are auto to T:UK/OSBM)
Finder JB 12/01/05 Initial/Name and date of visit - please put this onto every find so that it makes it easy to attribute the finds!