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Column Meaning Source
Name The best Guess at the Official Name Various
TLA Acronym mainly used in the transcription of the Second Geodetic Levelling Manually
Grid Ref Most Accurate Location for the Mark
GR Source How this GR was obtained
Fayers Visit When it was Bagged by Mike of Fayers Fame Fayers
Fayers (R) (R) if the FBM is known to be surrounded by (Green) railings
T:UK Waypoint and Link to Mark on T:UK
T:UK Visit When last visited by a member of T:UK
OSRef the OS GPS Station Number, P and D are links direct to the Photo and Diagram
Bold if the Station has been reused as a Passive Station.
OS GridRef the GR as listed on the OS site
OS Last Ref when the OS records it last visited the site
Last Visit Latest Date of Visit (from Fayers, T:UK and OS)
1GL Which Levelling Series the Mark was used in.
Value Meaning Source
Pri Used as a End point for a Primary Line 2GL - From the Abstract Index
3GL - Manually from Large Scale Diagram
FBM Used in Newlyn circuit
(and Wasdale was never levelled to!)
TG Connected to Primary Network via Secondry Lines
Sec Only used in Secondary Lines Manually from Diagrams
POL the Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory reference for the Tide Gauge POL
Type of Mark What type it is manually
Nearest FBM/Aux the nearest other Mark manually
2GL Height (ft ODN) height as obtained in the Second Geodetic Levelling ODN: Orthometric
Datum Newlyn
2GL Report
OS Height (m ODN) height as obtained from the OS GPS site OS GPS
Type of FBM
Bolt Original (?) embossed, domed 'datum bolt' with either a height plate, or the fixings for one, and an OS 'Bench Mark' plaque on one side of the pillar
Rivet Replacement (?) domed 'rivet' engraved with 'OSBM'
manually from photos
2GL 1:2500 Plan Which county series map the FBM appears on 2GL Report

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